14 September, 2016

First Steps

Hi everyone

Mi first blog post will be about a tutorial that I made for the class about hot to install python3 with Cygwin. That time I made in class so I couldn't speak. Also I wanted to start with this because these are mis first steps in this world, maybe it's just installing a program, but every journey begins with a single step.

"It's dangerous to go alone, take python with you".

Also, for you to get to know a little bit of me, I'll try to attach a song in every post, so you can know what i was listening while I was blogging, just wait until I get custom to blogger.

And to finish, the topics I'll see in python are the next ones:
  • Use of comments
  • Python conventions (Zen of Python but others for other languages)
  • Basic types and their use
  • Basic output (print)
  • Basic user input (text based)
  • Calling functions
  • Creating functions
  • Importing and using modules/libraries
  • Creating and using your own modules/libraries
  • Use of the conditional “if”
  • Use of “else” with a conditional (and elif for Python)
  • Nesting of conditional statements
  • Use of loops with “while”
  • Use of loops with “for”
  • Use of recursion for repetitive algorithms
  • When to use what type of repetition in a program
  • Creation and use of Lists/Tuples (Python)
  • Creation and use of strings
  • Validated user input (ensure correct/expected data entry)
  • Reading and writing of text files
  • Creation and use of ranges in Python
  • Creation and use of dictionaries in Python
 This are some mastery topics that my teacher ask me to cover, so in my next video I will start with them.

Enjoy the first video.

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